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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Top Ten Reef Purchases You Couldn't Sneak Past Your Spouse

I love Top 10 lists and this one is right up my alley.  Reefkeeping magazine's September Issue has the "Top 10 Reef Purchases you couldn't sneak past your spouse".  What a great concept and it just shows that I am not alone.  Apparently, OCRD is a phenomenon suffered by many, both men and women.  While I have to admit that I don't pass every purchase by my wife (chemicals, etc), I am honest about what I spend and what I buy.  We did have a little discussion about the chiller because it cost more than the tank itself.  But, in the end, it was a good purchase and the discussion helped her better understand the ecosystem I had built along with my passion for it.

Anyway, check out the Top Ten List above, but here is my favorite one that came in at Number 8 on the list: 

My wife caught my friend and I carrying in my new 150-gallon Tenecor tank on the day it was delivered. Good thing it was acrylic because the screams would have shattered glass!

Can't imagine trying to pull that off.  And I haven't even started talking about my pursuit of my ultimate reef tank, a 210g beauty.

Another really good Top 10 from Reefkeeping magazine is the "Top 10 Worst Days in your life as a Reef Keeper".  This was in their February, 2007 issue.  Check that one out too.  In the meantime, here are my two favorites from that list:

It's 11:00pm at night. I'm packed and ready to fly across the Atlantic to a week's vacation in the Canary Islands. The tanks have been cleaned, instructions typed, all is right with the world. UNTIL, my husband kicks the dog's bone down the stairs and BOUNCE - right through the side of my reef tank. 55 gallons of saltwater pouring all over the floor. Fish staring petrified as their environment gushes away! Luckily, I was able to stay up until 4am and throw together a backup tank, move all of the contents to the backup, say a prayer over the tank and leave for vacation. Luckily enough - everything made it through the week! How's that for good karma???

Any day there's a conversation with your wife that involves how much time (or money) you spend on the tank!


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