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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

6 fish in an almost empty pond

How in the world does this happen?  At 4:30 I got a frantic call from my wife about our pond.  For the record, this is another fish "thing" which my wife begrudgingly agreed to.  And it is much smaller than my original plan.  I had planned a 2000 gallon oasis, we ended up with a 155g pond.  Still, it is awesome and I love it.

Well, back to the phone call.  4:30pm.  The pond is almost completely empty.  The 6 fish are basically flopping at the bottom.  No major leak as far as we can see.  So, here are the facts as we know them.  What the heck really happened.

  1. 4:30pm - The pond is basically empty.
  2. The fountain head is off and has fallen over, essentially shooting a 2 foot arc of water OUT of the pond, thus draining it.

So far it is an open and shut case.  The fish knocked it over and the fountain head fell off.  Nope, now I add the wrinkle.

There is a DEAD bird in the pond.

What the heck?  It is a very small bird.  So, what happened?  Did the bird swoop in to catch a small frog and knock over the fountain and then drowned?

Or did the bird have a heart attack in mid-air and fall into the pond and knock over the fountain?

We may never know...

As of 10:30 tonight, the fish are alive and well and the fountain is working again...and the bird has been buried.

P.S.  Lest I sound like I am complaining about my small pond and small fish tank, I must say in my wife's defense that I have OCRD and OCPD (Obsessive Compulsive Pond Disorder) and I will go overboard if allowed.  I have done this already with my home theater/bar/billiard room and my home network and Media Center set-up.

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