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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Clownfish Babies - The Pictures

My clownfish laid their second clutch of eggs 20 days after the first clutch.  So now I have that schedule going.  And on Sunday night, the eggs hatched!  I am now on Day 4 with clownfish fry and I lost count of how many babies I have.  It is somewhere north of 100, but whether it is 110 or 150 I don't know.

A special thanks has to go out to a bunch of people who helped me get through this:
1.  Big Al from the Delaware Valley Reef Club who provided me with advice, rotifers and a link to MOFIB.
2.  Eric, Kathy and Randy at Reed Mariculture who helped me solve my rotifer issues and more!
3.  Kathy and Mark over at MOFIB who helped me create my larvae snagger and talk me through what to expect on hatch night!

And, now, for the pictures.  They are not the best, but you can see the fry!


1 comment:

jeffry r. johnston said...

Congrats, Dad! :-) Great pix.