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Saturday, October 24, 2009

My problem with rotifers

So, on to my rotifer problem.

Batch 1: Ordered from Reed. Made a mix of saltwater and split the rotifers into 2 5-gallon buckets. Water was 1.026 and too high I think. Also added them to almost 4.5 gallons of water. Lost them right away. Something was bad. Not sure what.

Batch 2: Ordered 2 rotifer cultures from Reed. Put them each in their own 5-gallon bucket of 1.015 water. Slowed bubbles to 1-3/second. They did really well for 4 days! Feeding roti-diet from Reed.

Then it was time to start harvesting and replacing water. Instead of siphoning them, I poured the buckets through my sieve (from Florida Aqua-Farms) and then literally poured new saltwater from my tank water into the buckets. Water temp was different, salinity was different. and the rush of water may have knocked off all the eggs. Also added phyto from my cultures, not roti-diet.

Lost both of those cultures. No rotifers showing up when I take cupful of water into a clear glass and the water does not clear when I add roti-diet.

Reed has been kind enough to send me 6 million more rotifers (their customer service is awesome) due to arrive on Tuesday. Also received a call from Eric at Reed. He thinks I need to have my bubbles higher, way higher. Lots of bubbles but so much that foam is forming. Also, he thinks my basement may be too cold and thinks small heaters may help (basement is around 68 degrees) and the water is probably too cold.

Also, he recommended getting Chloram-X which I don't have, plus putting in their filter media which I do have.

I am also thinking of bagging the phyto culture stuff and just using the rotifer diet from reed. I know its expensive, but it is sooo much easier than the phyto with my schedule and three kids at home.

And today I picked up a ton of rotifers from a fellow club member to augment my existing culture.  Hopfeully I will have enough for this batch of fry.  After all I will have 6 rotifer cultures going!!!

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