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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Calcium Reactor

I spent about 3 hours last night trying to get my calcium reactor set-up without success. So far, the CO2 canister is hooked up with the needle valve, solenois, etc. And it is connected to the reactor, but not on. I rinsed the ARM media and put it in the reactor. For anyone with an AquaC RX-1 reactor, don't rinse the media. The hole on the top of the rector is very small and once the media is wet, it sticks to everyone and clumps. If it were dry I could have just poured it in.

I hooked up the input and effluent tubing next and then, as instructed, I filled the reactor to the very top with water and closed it up. Then I turned it on. It has an Eheim 1250 pump but the pump was not working properly. Water is not flowing through it consistently so it whirls, pauses, whirls, pauses, etc. So, instead of running consistently and drawing in water and passing water out, its not doing that. At one point, I got it to work but only for a few minutes. When it was working there were bubbles in the reactor getting sucked in where the ph probe was and they would get sucked through the pump in an endless cycle. Needless to say I never turned on the CO2 and now I am out of town for the weekend.

I will try again Monday I guess.

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