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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

AquaC RX-1 Calcium Reactor is running!

Finally got a chance to try the reactor again.  It turns out I had four problems.  Pay attention if you have one of these reactors:

  1. The directions for how to seal the pH probe were not clear, so every time I would get this running, bubbles would get sucked in via the pH probe port and the reactor would eventually drain out.
  2. The reactor pump was getting bound up with too much air, so it would not run consistently.  The only way I found to solve this is to tilt the whole reactor until the bubbles clear.
  3. In order for the effluent to drain properly the reactor has to be slightly above the sump or else it gets backed up.  Its a gravity issue and I haven't figured out how to alter it yet ;)
  4. The fourth issue is new and not yet fixed.  As is common in the AquaC, once in a while a joint is not totally sealed.  It runs out the at the seal from the pump to the output tube.  So, I will have to shut it all down and seal that area at some point soon!

Now the fun starts.  It will take a few weeks to get it dialed in properly and balance the effluent with the CO2 injection, etc.


Steve said...

Would you buy one of these reactors again?

Derek M. Rodner said...

Sorry for the late reply, but the quick answer is probably not. First, customer service for these folks (AquaC) is awesome! But, in the end, the reactor has been tempermatic. And the small circular opening on the square box means its a nightmare to remove the media and clean it.

I would probably go with a Geo 624 next time. You can find them at and most of my reef club have made the switch to that reactor over time and love it.