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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Arghhh.... Sohal Tang is Aggressive

So, I got this sohal tang about 3/4 weeks ago.  And, I knew he was active and starting to tick off the orange-spotted rabbitfish.  But, the rabbitfish is as big as he is, so I wasn't worried.  Well, it turns out (and admittedly, I wasn't paying enough attention) that he has been stressing the other fish as well and a few of them were not eating.

In this short amount of time, I have lost four fish.  I first lost my 6-line wrasse and then my royal gramma.  Both of them came form my old BioCube and were over a year old.  Next, I lost a strawberry pseudochromis that I got as a Christmas present.  And then, I lost a yellow-tail damsel just the other day.  This guy came with the tank in September...

I am so bummed.  Unnecessary loss of life!!!  I will be monitoring the sohal closely and if he doesn't straighten out his attitude, I will have to get rid of him.   And, that really stinks.  He is beautiful and was expensive.  I thought that he would be my "show" fish.  But, alas, I may be mistaken....

On another note, the CA reactor arrived and I will be installing it this weekend!!!!

And, since I have restarted dosing 2-part, my SPS are really starting to shine.  They open their polyps during the day and the millepora are getting nice and "fuzzy" again.

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