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Thursday, November 19, 2009

All Clownfish ALIVE!

Unbelievably, all of the clownfish survived the trauma of the severe temp drop. My wife called and went to the basement to check if any of the babies had made it. She says, "There are like 50 fish swimming around. What died?" There were no fish on the bottom and they were all orange again and swimming. She gave them a little extra food and they were eating like crazy!!!

Incidentally, I have switched form live baby brine shrimp to the Ocean Nutrition Instant Baby Brine Shrimp. It is a small jar of baby brine in a fluid. The babies love it and they are really starting to grow!

I am also crushing the New Life Spectrum Grow food and putting it in there. Some of them eat it, but they are not fans. I have to start weaning them off the brine.

Woo hoo!!!!! Disaster Averted!!!!


chris said...

Glad they all made it. We have had that happen also. These little fish can be tough little buggers.

We skip brine all together. We go from rotifers to Golden Pearls to Cyclops ezee to flake and mysis and never have problems with them liking the foods.

Derek M. Rodner said...

Interesting. I may try to skip the live brine with the next batch and go right to the instant baby brine.

Would like to try cyclopeeze too.