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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Clownfish baby update

Well, my rotifer culture arrived today from Reed Mariculture and I have set that up.  I hope it is set-up correctly!  No word from Florida Aqua Farms on my plankton culture.  I hope they ship tomorrow.  In the meantime my rotifers came with a nice sized bottle of the rotifer diet, so that will hve to do.

here is he planned set-up once the breeding station is up and running fully in the basement:

  • 2 5-gallon buckets for rotifers
  • 2 2-liter bottles for phytoplankton (these are inside a 5-gallon bucket with a compact flourescent light inside
  • 2 2-liter bottles for a brine shrimp hatchery
  • 1 10 gallon tank for the clownfish fry
  • 1 20g tank for the clownfish after they pass metamorphosis and are healthy (probably from 30-45 days on)
All of this is hooked up to a massive aierator and through multiple splitters to ensure that each gets its own air at the appropriate rate

The plan is to NOT do anything with this batch of eggs (which should hatch between Day 7 and 10 (Sunday to Wednesday night next week). 

This is my ramp up period.  I want to make sure that I get the redundant rotifers going well and the plankton stored up and that that process is going smoothly.

The next batc of eggs should be laid in 12-18 days.  Not sure if that is from the date of the last egg laying or from the date of hatching, but Ican wait!

Also, I am going to try to add aclay pot in there in hopes that they will lay the eggs on it, so I can move the eggs into the fry tank and not have to scoop them out of the main tank on the night they hatch!

And the best part of al of this?  I may have finally gotten my kids involved.  My 3  year old wants to bring in a clownfish for preschool show and tell (maybe just a picture instead). And my 12 year old, who had no interest, is going to be a part of the whole process.  Trying to teach her some responsibility and ownership and get her excited about something other than Twilight and vampire books!!!  ( I told her she could split the clownfish profits with me.  OK, so I don't ever expect to get any clownfish profits, but it worked enough to hook her.  I hope the babies keep her hooked!!!!)

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