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Friday, January 9, 2009

Open Brain Coral Eating one of my Wrasses

I have to say I have experienced some interesting things in my fish tank this year.

I recently (December 29) bought three wrasses from Captain Nemos, 2 exquisite wrasses, 1 6-line.

The 6-line made 2 separate trips down to the basement via the overflows and I had to scoop him out of the overflow 2 other times.  Then he disappeared.  Haven't seen him in over a week.

That brings me to the 2 exquisite wrasses.  They are beautiful hot pink fish.  One was nice and big and active and out a lot.  The other disappeared for a few days but has since shown up for feedings.  He is much smaller and I was worried about him.  well, I arrived home from work tonight to find this:




sarang said...
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jeffry r. johnston said...


jeffry r. johnston said...

Really? I kind of thought you were half-serious. So the brain really ate your wrasse?