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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Update on the ReefKeeper Elite

Well, I am back from vacation and was able to start working with the RKE.  The directions do not get into specifics on how to connect everything up, so I just took a shot at it.  And, man, is it easy.  Each module has two ports (1 and 2) for the bus cable.  The head unit has a single port.  Simply connect the head unit to either the SL1 (module for temp/pH/ORP probes) or the PC4.  Then daisy chain them from there.

Once a PC4 is plugged in, the system has power.  NOTE:  You need to turn down the contrast on the display or you get vertical lines through it.

I started by calibrating the temp and pH probes and then placed them in the sump.  I enabled the graphing and let them do their thing for a few days.  Then I hooked up a heater to the PC4 and programmed it to go on if the temp goes below 78.5.  You can also set the degrees of latitude.  I set it at .4  So, the heater goes on when the temp reaches 78.3 (-.2) and goes off when it reaches 78.7(+.2).

That is all I have done for now.  I need to order a 20ft bus cable so I can run that up stairs to the main tank.  Once that is done, I will set the fans to run on a PC2 upstairs and set them to go on when the temperature reaches 79.5. 

I also need to order 2 more PC4s for all of my lights upstairs and downstairs and another SL1 to monitor the pH in the CA reactor.  Once that is complete, I will be able to have multiple programs that evaluate the ph of the tank and turn the ca reactor solenoid on or off.

One of the things that the unit has already told me is that my pH is low.  It is hovering just below 8.0 at around 7.9.  I would really like that value in the 8.1-8.2 range, so I have to figure out whether the probe is poorly calibrated or the pH is low and then fix that.

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Tad Huffstutter said...

Woah that sucks. I feel for you for sure. I think reefkeeping is quickly becoming the number one cause of divorce among middle class white ppl. LOL. Love the blog keep em coming and if you want to see mine (which is earily similar) it's at WWW.Tadslife.Com. Have a great day and happy reefing.