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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Picture Time!

I have not been posting a lot lately, but for good reason.  I changed jobs at the beginning of the month and it has been hectic.  But, i have not been neglecting my tank.  I still haven't gotten my AquaC calcium reactor dialed in correctly yet.  I think it is too high up above the sump but I have to build a little shelf to lower it down, so for now, it is off.

The Reefkeeper Elite from Digital Aquatics shipped last week and mine is due to arrive tomorrow.  I will definitely keep you all int he loop on that one.  I am psyched.

In the meantime, I purchased a school of bangai cardinals who all perished and I mentioend that I purchased 3 anthias (1 male, 2 females) and only one female survived.  I definitely have a fish problem.  For now, I am not buying any more fish.  The existing fish all seem healthy and fine.  They are:

  • 2 false percula clowns
  • 1 yellow watchman goby
  • 1 lawnmower blenny
  • 1 female pink anthias
  • 1 coral beauty
  • 1 blue hippo tang

Also, my tank was getting very warm.  The daytime temp was over 84 degrees which was stressing my corals, causing diatom blooms and possibly part of the reason for my fish loss.  But, I just can't stomach $700-$1000 for a chiller right now.  So, I went to Radio Shack and bought 3 large AC fans.  I got plugs and electrical cord from the hardware store and mounted them on the beck of the tank blowing out across the water.  WOW is all I can say. The tank now stays at 79.5 with the fans on and goes to 80.1 with the lights off and fans off at night.  Highly recommend this!

So, now for some pictures.  I cleaned all the coraline off the back glass and took these pictures on Sunday night.  There are a lot of them so I hope you enjoy!  Some are out of focus, but I am getting better every time I use the camera.  It is just a Canon SD1000.

125g full tank shot

right side of tank

center of tank

left side of tank


trumpet coral

clown and anemone 

branching hammer


leather coral

green pocilipora


trumpet coral

clown and anemone


green birdsnest grapes of wrath

grapes of wrath

grapes of wrath

June 2008 060

Finding Nemo (clownfish)

crocea clam

baby maxima clam

gears of war acan

gears of war acan

blue spotted mushrooms

June 2008 073

June 2008 074

SPS coral

SPS acropora coral

deepwater SPS acropora

SPS coral

SPS coral

SPS coral

various SPS coral

lawnmower blenny

coral banded shrimp hiding


June 2008 094

SPS coral

scoly up close

scoly up close

scoly up close

June 2008 108 

blue hippo tang

Female Anthias

That's all for now...  Enjoy!

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