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Monday, December 17, 2007

My "early" Christmas Present

Well, my wife took me for a drive on Saturday and we went dec 15 050up to  AZ Pets & Pondz in Reading.  What a great fish room.  She took me there to buy my Christmas present.  I got 2 fish.  First was a majestic angel.  What a beautiful fish.  Really nice colors.  And there was a little tiny half moon angelfish juvenile, couldn't be more than the size of a quarter.  So, I bought him too.dec 15 001

I really love both of these fish.  We will see how they do in the tank however.  So far, my yellow tang is annoying the majestic and the 6-line wrasse is annoying the baby half moon.

I also bought myself a little early Christmas present, an elegance coral. For those of you not familiar, the elegance is a beautiful dec 15 010 coral that was once in abundance.  These corals were great for beginners and very hardy.  But over the last couple of years, they have gone down hill, where recent stats show as few as 1 in 30 surviving.  But, I got mine from Australia, which is about the only place you can get an elegance that will survive.  So far, so good.  I have had it for only 10 days though.dec 15 011

Also, I got some nice frags from Angel at the DVRC Holiday Party. 

Here are some of the latest pics of my tank and some not-so-good shots of the two new fish.

dec 15 019 

dec 15 062

dec 15 074 dec 15 080 

dec 15 071 dec 15 004

dec 15 003

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