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Friday, December 7, 2007

My 125g ate my BioCube!!!

Well, I made the BIG move last night.  IMG_2204It took almost 3 hours with all of the drip acclimation, but I moved the contents of the BioCube into the main tank!

First, I drained some of the water and put it in a Tupperware  container.  Then I took out the corals that were not fully attached to my main rock.  I let them drip acclimate for 45 minutes and then placed them in the tank.IMG_2205

Then, I drained much more of the water and pulled out the rock (it was one large piece).  I used a razor to scrape off all of the bubble algae and placed it in a larger tub.  That rock had the  following on it:

  • 6-7 ricordeas
  • 1 bubble-tip anemone IMG_2214
  • a blue zoa colony with about 18 heads

I also removed the fish and put them in the same container which I drip acclimated for another 45 minutes and then did some minor aquascaping to make room and put everything in the new tank! IMG_2217

So far, all looks okay.

The anemone is on the move trying to hide a little more.  The fish are all a little skittish.

I put the trumpets too high I think and the branching frogspawn in the direct path of too much flow, so I will have to move them, but otherwise, all looks stable. IMG_2219

The leather looks great and my ultra crocea clam looks better than ever!

I am running the halides on a shorter schedule to help them acclimate since they were all previously under 48w of power compact lighting.IMG_2222

Once I get my camera out of my wife's purse, I will upload some pictures.

Which brings up another point.  What do I do with the BioCube?  My wife bought it for me for Christmas last year.  It is now empty (and I have to clean it out).  I don't want to sell it because she gave it to me.  I think she might be upset too.

Maybe I can convince her to make it a sea horse tank!!!  lol... not likely...

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