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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

An update on the family and the tank

As I stated when I started this blog, I would also discuss how this tank impacts my family relations.  As many of you know, it is a constant battle with a spouse who is not fully involved.  The issues are all about time and money and how much we spend on each.

Well, I was definitely in the dog house for a while.  Getting the plumbing done and running was very important and it took many more hours than I thought it would (of course).  During that time, my wife was left to watch the kids (who can be a handful).  I knew it was a problem and I was just as frustrated as she was that it was taking so long, but there wasn't much I could about it.  It needed to be done and quickly or the entire investment would be lost.

After the fuge went online last week, my need to tinker with the tank went way down.  And, because I designed it correctly, a water change (25 gallons) takes about 7 minutes.  That is huge.  So, I was home all last week and off Thursday and Friday and spent what I consider to be a very little amount of time with the tank.  I actually just got to sit and look at it and I really enjoyed it, even with all the green algae. 

And my 2 year old daughter sits on my lap and likes to watch the fish and snails and crabs.  My 2 month old just stares at it in awe...

its so great.  And my wife even commented on how I have been "around" all weekend!!!  So, we are moving in the right direction.

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