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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tank Moving Day!

Yesterday was moving day for the tank.  Four of us left at 7:30 and made the 90 mile trek west to Mechanicsburg, PA.  We arrived slightly before nine and I got to the see the tank in person for the time.  Joe, a fellow reefer and friend who went along for the ride, said, "It's not that bad".  LOL  Well, that offended the guy a little but, let's be honest folks, the tank was in pretty bad shape. 

As suspected, much of the rock was covered with hair algae.  The glass tank has some scratches on it (not visible until I emptied and had it home).  And the filtration and flow set-up was a mess.  And, don't get me started on the lights.

The guy I bought the tank from was very nice, but thought he knew all about... well, everything!!!  So, it took a little patience, but no arguments ensued and I let him lead the way. 

I will be changing the entire filtration system along with lights and flow and I will be only using about half of the rock.  Some of the rock is absolutely beautiful. 

I forgot to bring a camera, but I am taking pictures today as I set this beast up. 

It took 2 full pickup trucks to transport the set-up.  One for the tank, stand and canopy and the other was filled with Sterilite tubs full of live rock and water (and one for the fish).

We were on our way home by 11:15.  We could have saved a half hour if he had not talked so much or let us do more, but c'est la vie.

By 1:30, the entire contents of the two truck were fully unloaded in the garage and I had a power head and heater on the fish.  (they remain in the garage).

My wife really wanted to paint the living room so we spent the rest of the day doing that. 

Today I will be moving the stand and tank into the living room and filling it with new sand, existing live rock and a mix of the GREEN water we took from the original set-up and fresh saltwater.

For the next week or so, the tank will run as a self-contained unit.  I plan to run a whole new plumbing system to the basement and I will post more on that later.

Back to work...

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