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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I accidentally bought a 125g tank!

Well folks I finally pulled the trigger on a larger tank, almost inadvertently. I offered a low amount for a Buy it Now set-up on eBay and they accepted my offer.

My initial response is "Oh crap".... now what do I do?

This is a 125g tank, drilled with overflows. The description was not too helpful as to what gear is under the hood. Here is what I do know.

There are no MH lights, only fluorescent tubes, so they will be replaced.

The tank is overfilled with live rock and I will probably be selling off some of it.   The rock has nice coraline algae growth, but also appear to be completely covered with green algae. Not sure if it is hair algae or not.  That means more work.  I will have to make a new batch of salt water, clean the rock with a toothbrush and rinse it and then put it back in the tank.

The plumbing underneath looks to be a wet/dry filter on one side, possibly a protein skimmer in the middle and another wet/dry on the other. (I will see what I can do to use what's there or replace it over time.)

So, while I have gotten a great deal, my work is definitely cut out for me...

Also, I am not sure what my wife thinks about all of this.  It means that I will be gone all day Saturday to pick this thing up and I would have preferred a system that was NOT running, so that means more time.  It also means that there are probably many components that will need to be replaced.  The good news is that I can sell the older stuff off to pay for the new gear.

Anyway, Saturday is the big day!  Three of us will be heading 90 miles west with a pickup and an SUV.   I will take lots of pictures and keep a little diary.  But, in the meantime, here are the pictures from eBay.

125g saltwater

125g saltwater tank

Side shot of overflows

Canopy with lights

Filtration under the stand

Rock needs work

Lots of bad algae and some fish

That's all for now.  I will post again this weekend when I get back with the tank.

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