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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lotsa pictures of my reef tank

As promised here are some pictures taken in the last 2 days.  For those of you joining recently, this is a 125g reef tank with a separate sump and fuge located in the basement.  You read more about the set-up here and updated here.

These are a few shots of my open brain coral.  From full to close-up.

Open Brain Coral

open brain coral

open brain coral close-up

My dumb starfish got stuck in my gorgonia.  How does this happen?  He got himself out luckily.

My dumb starfish got stuck in the gorgonia

starfish and gorgonia

The dera is one of my favorite clams.  I also have a tiny maxima that is dark blue with black stripes and a beautiful ultra crocea that I have yet to take a good picture of.

Derasa Clam

The obligatory full tank shot (fts).  But, with some interesting angles.

full tank shot

tank from the right side

tank from the left side

This is one of my favorite pictures.  This is my orange plate coral as close range.

close-up of plate coral

Finally got a decent shot of my hippo tang.

hippo tang along with SPS and large duncan colony

The elusive copperband butterfly.  He is certainly not shy   He really likes the camera, but only comes out when the halides are off and the actinics are on.  I thought this second shot was great.

Copperband Butterfly 

copperband butterfly

copperband butterfly

I totally forget what type of zoos these are, but they are beautiful and the pictures do not do them justice.

zoanthid colony

zoanthid colony close-up

This lawnmower was recently in the overflow for a week.  I finally got him out.  He is like the granddaddy of the tank simply because of his long eyebrows and facial expression.

Lawnmower blenny

This spotted mandarin dragonet has doubled in size in the three weeks I have had him.

spotted mandarin dragonet

I also have some video that I will load up at another time.

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Dana said...

Very, very nice :-) I like what I see!

I am looking forward to seeing the video.