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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tank Update for March 1

First of all, how could I go two weeks without blogging???!!!  Well, work has been absolutely insane for one.  And, not a lot has happened in the tank that would make me want to post ASAP.

So, here is a quick update.  My naso tang bit the dust.  I think it was harassed by my yellow tang.  That marks two kills for my yellow tang and he is now going.  Anyone want a healthy, 4-5 inch yellow tang?

I also picked up an orange-spotted rabbitfish.  He is very cool and I will post some pics soon.   My latest new addition will help with my hair algae, I hope.  I just received a lawnmower blenny yesterday.  He has since disappeared in the tank, but I am hoping he can help with my massive hair algae problem.  My hair algae is so bad right now that the macro algae in my fuge is overrun.  I washed it all yesterday and also added another handful of chaeto.  We will see if this starts to help dissipate it.

My tank look green from the outside of the house now...  ugh!!!  My wife and I have spent an hour every Sunday evening picking hair algae out of the tank right before a water change.  It seems to be lessening a little, but I can't be sure.  Time will tell.

Sometimes I wonder why I ever wanted a larger tank.  My 14g BioCube was fantastic.  Compact and beautiful.  And I never had any problems.  But, I was greedy.  I wanted more fish.  I wanted to try SPS coral and add a whole lot more.  And, quite honestly, I wanted a project.  Plumbing the tank and figuring it all out is amazing.  Now, why can't it reciprocate and look beautiful??  argh...

As for my salt, I am about to do my fourth water change with the salt mix from Get Tanked.  So far, so good.  My parameters are in check.  My calcium/alkalinity/pH are all good now.  I really like this mix and it is so easy to use.  Nothing to measure as I do 25g water changes and it comes in 25g bags. 

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